List of Application Requirements for Our Medical Curriculum


  • ERAS Application including the Common Application Form (CAF) and Curriculum Vitae (CV) with no unexplained gaps of time
  • Must graduate from an AOA-accredited College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Passage of ACLS prior to acceptance
  • Certified copy of medical school transcript
  • All national board exam scores including COMLEX I, II and PE
  • Letter from the Dean of the Osteopathic College
  • Two (2) letters from practicing osteopathic physicians
  • Authorization for release of information by the applicant, including release of Civil Liability form
  • All PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents must be licensed in the State of Oklahoma
  • ACOFP, AOA and OOA membership is required
  • Graduation from medical school needs to be within three years of the year of entrance to the program
  • The Durant Family Medicine Residency offers externships on an individual basis


The Durant Family Medicine Residency utilizes Policies and Procedures of the AOA Resident Registration Program, as referenced at www.natmatch.com/aoairp. These Policies and Procedures are utilized as a guide in determining appropriate policies for the recruitment of residents.
The program is a member of ERAS https://www.aamc.org/students/medstudents/eras/ and has used this centralized application service since July 2005 as a means of accepting applications of potential PGY-1 residents.
Applications are reviewed in September and October.
Any applicant who has successfully completed PGY-1 and/or PGY-2 at another AOA-approved family medicine residency may apply for a PGY-2 or PGY-3 residency position by contacting our Residency Coordinator, Tracy Trotter at  [email protected]


Prospective candidates may apply to the program at any time. After proper application by the prospective candidate, the candidate will be notified and an interview will be scheduled, usually during November, December and January. During the interview, the prospective candidate will meet with at least three (3) members of the Medical Education Committee.

The interviewing members will review the application, will interview the candidate appropriately in conjunction with interview standards, and will complete a Prospective Candidate Evaluation, and arrive at a consensus provided there is no dissenting opinion among the interviewers. If there is no consensus, the decision for acceptance will go to the entire Medical Education Committee for open discussion and a vote.

If the Director of Medical Education is the person expressing concern with regard to an applicant, the applicant may still be approved but will require a unanimous vote by the remainder of the Medical Education Committee.

Selection dates and notification of PGY-1 resident candidates are in accordance with AOA regulations. Our program will not impose requirements that supersede those of the AOA. Applicants shall be considered for residency without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, creed, national origin and/or disability.

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